Monday, April 11, 2005

Honda S2000.
My new car.
Heh heh, I wish.
Took Veronica to the mechanic's today (had the day off) for an oil change. Since it would take 45 minutes, the Honda people let me take their S2000 out for a spin. They know me, and I had brought them some friends who ultimately bought cars from them. So they were particularly nice to me.
Anyway, this was a sweeeet ride. 6 speed convertible, took her out for a test drive on the highway. Maybe a bit rusty on the clutch (Veronica's an auto) but still did ok. Took off like a rocket when I slammed on the gas. Redlines at 8000 rpm. The push-button start was a nice touch. I guess I can cross number 9 off my list of stuff to do before I die!
I had eyed this car when I was car shopping a year ago, but decided against this because of the cost, and the heavy snowfalls here.
I'll be back someday. When I'm a consultant and earning 5 digit salaries.


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