Saturday, November 20, 2004

Crazy nurses

Was at a party at one of the nurses' house. It was a barefoot party, for what it's worth. Lets just say that nurses (I guess residents too :) ) can be pretty crazy when they're all boozed up.
I'm now oncall again. Sitting around my callroom in the hospital. Wondering why on earth did I let someone give me a pedicure.
Well, at least I have pretty purple toenails now.


Blogger PaulOS said...

You dawg!
You got a pedicure from the nurses..
Why don't ya get a picture and post it online and let your "fans" rate them? *wink* ;)

man... this is an idea for me and my pals.. i mean we have "barefoot parties" all the time here in Malaysia right ( by default actually) .. but the toe painting thing? hmmm that's a cool idea... HEY wait a minute I am going for a BACHELOR PARTY this weekend.. cool idea? !!! WOOO HOOO!!

8:42 PM  

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