Friday, November 12, 2004

Hail the Master Chief!

Halo 2 is here!
Have waited long enough for the sequel to Halo, the very reason the Xbox was created (well, at least for me).
Was postcall on Nov. 9th, when the game was released. Nick paged me as I was rushing through morning rounds at 730am.
"I'm in Walmart, only 3 copies left. Do you want one?"
Hell, yea! The USD 54 was well worth it.

On Day One, my housemate and I were both postcall. I was on Medicine Consults, him on Pulmonary. I had been up most of the night for me with an unstable patient with PSVT, while he didn't sleep a wink. Came home, and before we even rested, started playing till we both we nauseated and felt like puking.Literally.Combination of fatigue, and the 3D graphics.

But man, is that a sweet sweet game. And, better than the first, now you can yield TWO weapons at the same time. New weapons (Covenant carbine, battle rifle). And best of all, ability to play online.Met up with Quan online, with him being in Texas. Naturally, he got creamed. Posted by Hello


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