Friday, November 05, 2004

Poor guy.

Just had a long chat with this patient of mine on the ortho service. Guy in his 70's who came in with yet another infected left knee arthoplasty. He has had multiple infections, needed several months' worth of IV antibiotics. Now he's growing MRSA, coag negative staph AND pseudomonas from the knee joint. Surgeons are suggesting an AKA (above-knee amputation). After all the pain and suffering he's gone through, he's finally agreed.

Meanwhile, he's tired. He's been here for weeks. And he's in constant pain. And he's upset that he's gonna lose his leg. And worse of all, his 56th anniversary is tomorrow.His wife has been by his side constantly. Really gives meaning to the words commitment and dedication.

I think I'll bring them a cake or something tomorrow.


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