Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

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Call me impatient. It's not even Thanksgiving yet, but I already decided to put the tree up. I thought, what the heck, I was free anyway. And they were already playing X'mas carols on the radio. Snow was forecasted for the weekend.
So, loaded my X'mas song collection and pulled out my 6' fake tree and started working on things. When my housemate (guy from Penang, also in medicine) came home and saw me, he shaked his head and mumbled something. I think it had something to do with needing to call the psychiatrist.
I remember being surprised years ago when I discovered people here preferred fake trees in the name of conservation.
Anyway, my tree is up. With all my Christmas trinkets. The lights for the yard, well, I'll work on that some other day. And I'll keep my mistletoe in the cupboard until it's at least December.
What do I want for Christmas? Hmm. A Palm Tungsten? A Honda S2000, whom I'll call Jessica? A date with Kristin Kreuk?

What do I REALLY want for Christmas?
  • To meet with my highschool buddies at midnight mass and give them all a warm embrace and tell them what they mean to me, and how they got me through those trying times after my break-up
  • To be able to apologize to my ex-girlfriends for being an immature jerk
  • To have a joyously loud dinner with my family, and see my new nephew
  • To be able to take my late grandpa out again for his monthly haircut and listen to his stories about his old friends who had passed on. Or to be able to tell him, "Ah Kong, I made it."
  • To, for once and for all, find love
  • To feel confidently, that all the sacrifices, are worth it


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