Saturday, January 13, 2018


I'm back.
And freezing. Times like this I ask myself why I don't live in a more tropical place. It's -15C right now.
Anyway, it's been awhile. Updates- I did pass my Boards, thankfully. Surprisingly. After all, when you've been out in practice for 10 years, and see what you see and don't see what you don't see, and never see something like X-linked hypophosphatemia, and have ordered SDH genetic testing only once in the last decade, it's hard to remember the details or even be interested in reading these things up.
Plus, a 10-hour exam was brutal when I was in my 30s. It's just as bad now.
We've had a lot of travelling for the holidays- 6 hour drive to the inlaws for Christmas, and a 10 hour drive to the Rockies for a ski trip. It was a blast seeing the kids learn to ski; and they actually picked it up pretty well.

Having lived here for so long, Malaysia seems to be but a dream away and I sometimes avoid reading local news to minimize the heartaches from knowing about the dirty and racial politics there. That being said, even over here, amongst the few Malaysians, there seems to be a building sense of excitement, that perhaps this GE, the corrupt dictatorship can finally be toppled- though one prays that it will not be simply replaced by another tyrant. But here's to you people back home- here's to finding your foothold and finding the will and momentum during the next general elections- to not vote for skin color or religion or hatred, or money- but to listen to your heart and brain- and to vote for change, for the better.