Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Always in our hearts and minds

Dr. Tan Tow Shung
November 6th 1978- May 18th 2011

I can't believe it's been 6 years. The time just flew by, the 6 years since you left us here on Earth to be at a better place. In that 6 years, we've all aged but you remain ageless in our hearts, my friend. In that 6 years, our families have grown, our outlook in life has changed significantly. We have learnt much professionally.
But yet, it doesn't seem like that long ago when we were together, as room-mates and best of friends. I remember fondly the simpler days, days without other responsibilities, days when we would hit the Xbox and play round-the clock Halo on weekends. Our hitting the buffets postcall as our comfort food. All that crazy shit only bored Malaysian boys can think of.
I think about life's unfairness. How, you, at the prime of your life and at the start of a very promising medical career, how a cancer doctor can himself be stricken by esophageal cancer. I think about the long hard battle you fought, the times we visited you in the hospital when you had reactions to chemo, or when you underwent surgery. I remember that time when played cards in the hospital family room.
Truth be told, I miss my confidante. I know you're somewhere up there, watching us. But I miss our talks, and your words of wisdom.
It's been 6 years. But we'll never forget you. And till we meet again some sunny day, memories of our friendship and brotherhood will always hold you near to the heart.


Blogger Siew said...

Thank you for continuing to honour Andrew's memory. I got to know him when we were doing our pre-u together in 1997 in Penang. He always stood out in my memory as someone who was honest, genuine and kind. Even then, he already knew he wanted to be a doctor and was ever ready to help others.

I found out about his passing only a few months back and couldn't help but reflect on how unfair life can be. So much potential unrealised.

Thank you for your posts. Through them, I got to learn a bit more about his life in the States and his illness.

I have not forgotten his kindness after all these years. His life was cut short but I'm glad he lived it right.

5:08 AM  
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