Sunday, May 29, 2016

On The Mend

Thanks for the well wishes. The trooper she is, she seems to be on the mend steadily. She had her "permanent" cast placed the other day, And being smaller, and below-elbow, it's proving to be more comfortable. And she was actually excited to be given several choices for color- she picked tie-dye.
The pain is completely gone. Gone enough that we have to keep reminding her to not do anything too physical. After all, my greatest nightmare is to need an ORIF.
And yes, that's a hula hoop she's holding- but that's about all we're letting her do. No slides, climbing, trampolines.
She was initially unsure of how her schoolmates would react. I have to remind myself that they grow so fast- and now she's already to the point where she cares about what others think.
But when she learnt that she could customize the cast, this gave her something to look forward too. 
And so, daddy hot-glued some crystals on it. And because she's always wanted to be a superhero, I put a Batman patch on her sling.

Now she's all set to take on the world. Just don't be breaking any more bones!