Sunday, February 07, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!
Another year, another CNY.
Can't believe it's already 2016. And can't believe it's another CNY. Well, it's not hard to forget living in the relatively culturally secluded Midwest, where there isn't much festivities.
Year of the Monkey. None of my kids are monkeys, though they certainly act like one sometimes. However, my late Ah Kong was a monkey. Until his final years when he was showing some dementia, he was always soft-spoken, gentle, and serious; not the kind of personality the horoscope would suggest.
This is always the time of year when I yearn for home (yes, this is home now, but you know what I mean) the most. When you get a flood of memories, the traditions your family has. The things you'd do, even if you didn't understand why. Traditions you know will die with you, as you plant your new roots in a different land, on which you will make new traditions for your kids to pass on- but not the kind of traditions you grew up with. Bittersweet, but alas, to be expected raising kids here.
However, the standing plan currently, if budget and time permit, is for the family to spend Chinese New Year 2017 in Malaysia. It's ambitious, and with Allison in school now, we'll have to take her out. And the ticket prices will be horribly expensive. But it's important to me that my children at least see and experience a Malaysian Chinese New Year with my parents at least once, so that they'll somewhat understand what their daddy did during his version of 'Christmas'. Thankfully, my wife understands this is important to me. And so, 2017, we'll be there.
In the meantime, here's wishing all you readers, family, friends, loved ones, a Happy and Prosperous New Year, and may the Year of the Monkey be filled with silly laughter and happy memories.


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