Saturday, February 13, 2016

John Cena

One of my patients broke his leg the other day. A 27 year old man with type 1 diabetes who also has cognitive disabilities. Had a hypoglycemic episode and fell down a flight of stairs and unfortunately fractured his right tibia. I saw him a few days after his surgery, and he was in some pain, and crying because he wanted to go home to his bed.
He happens to be a a huge fan of WWE. This was obvious in the years I have seen him in clinic- he would always come in his WWE cap. To him, John Cena was God himself. And so, yesterday, I dropped by his hospital room to drop this off.

Sometimes, it's fun to get to know your patients. Despite all the frustrations of this job, perhaps the greatest joy is getting to know your patients and feeling like you're a part of their lives. He was still yearning to go home, and was still in some pain, but the smile he flashed when he saw this was priceless. The nurses later told me they hadn't seem him eat so well since he was admitted (though not necessarily a good thing with his diabetes :) )
Ava even drew him a picture/get well soon message. Note the bleeding from the right leg.