Friday, June 13, 2014

An example of why bigger is not better and only makes life impossibly complicated. Work has been 'growing' (and not necessarily in a good way) with clinics being bought out and merged with the health system. More and more committees, work groups, admins, VP are being added by the week. Things are getting outsourced, even IT (apparently to Indian). And so it's no longer a warm, familiar environment- some days it feels like you're a part of some bureaucratic institution.
And so, it brings me to my frustration at work today; recently work access to a news website was blocked because it apparently violates policy. What policies it doesn't make clear since news websites are allowable, even social media (which I think should be blocked). So it was probably some error on someone's part.
Now, when I log on to the Malaysian news, the page is blocked: "Request for review can be obtained if this occurred in error".
This necessitated 1 phone call (woo hoo, I got to talk to someone in India for free), two emails and now I'm being asked to fill in a form to submit to some committee. 

Somehow, all this trouble just doesn't seem worth it.
I'll just read the news on my iPhone, thank you very much.