Monday, May 05, 2014

Weekend Misadventures

I just had to share this.
So the wife was in Boston for a few days for a conference, leaving me with the kids to play single dad.
We had a fun weekend; but it came to a head Saturday, in ways you could only shake your head and laugh.
Perhaps because of daddy's excellent choice of restaurants for lunch (McDonalds), Alli got sick. Had nausea all afternoon, and threw up several times. But she seemed to get better by dinner and was complaining of hunger and wanted mac & cheese. And devoured 3 helpings. Shortly after, we go through the evening routine. The girls are in the tub for a bath. During which Alli suddenly said she was feeling sick again, and puked up all the mac & cheese.
Into the tub.
Onto her sister.
All 3 helpings.
And so, I grab Ava and rinse her clean and dry her, and proceeded to do the same for Alli. In the meantime, she goes all crazy like a monkey on crack, and runs around stark naked giggling.
A minute into things when I'm drying Alli, I notice she is being awfully quiet. And if you have kids, you know what I mean when I say silence=trouble.
I step outside the bathroom to see her staring intently at something.
To. My. Horror.
A huge piece of poop. On the bedroom carpet.
While the dogs are sitting by the side looking at me, seemingly saying "Dude, that wasn't me".
And at this point, Alli is outside giggling as well, which then causes Ava to giggle hysterically too.
Let's just say it was a relief when Kristin got home last night!