Sunday, November 20, 2011

In a Heartbeat

We are lucky.
We have our health and each other. It's one of those things, simple no doubt, but we can so easily take for granted.
The last month has  been somewhat of a challenge because of a healthscare. Without going into details, you realize though how things can change in a heartbeat.
How things may be good one moment, and then the very next, because of a simple phrase from your doctor like "I'm worried it's cancer..." time suddenly stands still.
I recall this clearly too when my buddy first told me of his diagnosis of esophageal cancer. And with this recent development, it put us almost in a state of dejavu. And I couldn't help but re-live many of those emotions we went through 4 years earlier.
It's like you suddenly stop breathing. And life stops moving. It's a shock, and you're left reeling from the news.
And then, when life resumes, when you finally find the courage to start breathing again, you're breathing a different breath of air.
In my buddy's case, it was as if a virtual clock had started ticking. Him, the oncologist, was most familiar with this. You're talking about 5-year survival rates and median life expentancy.
And so, with every heartbeat then onwards, you are reminded that life has an expiration date. Except this time, as parents we have other thoughts going through our heads in addition. How will our children be provided for? Will we see them grow up? How will life continue?

In this recent healthscare we underwent, I'm glad the news was good, unlike our previous chapter. And so, life is getting back to normalcy. Perhaps it is serendipitous that Thanksgiving is next week. But we are again humbled and reminded, to not take life for granted. And that things may change in a heartbeat.


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