Sunday, February 20, 2011


Congratulations, hun!
My wife graduated with her Masters in Anesthesia yesterday.
Words can't express how proud I am of her. Not only did she take upon this 3-year program with gusto, but she also did it in spite of the weekly driving (she had rotations in out-of-town hospitals for pretty much a year, some as far as 3 hours). And, despite her seniors telling her "You can't possibly start a family during this program, it's impossible..." she worked throughout the pregnancy (she was intubating a patient when she went into labor, incidentally) and took only 6 weeks of maternity leave in order to graduate in time with her classmates. She balanced her time between work/study, being a great mom to Allison, and a wonderful wife to a whiny husband. AND, on top of that she found to time to write and publish a medical paper!
Congratulations, honey! We're all so proud of you!


Blogger edina monsoon said...

Your wife is brilliant!!!! You must be so proud! Congratulations!!!!

7:32 PM  
Anonymous Abby's Mummy said...

wow, your wife is a superwoman! and very inspiring too. congratulations kristin

10:42 PM  

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