Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An Urgent Message

I didn't quite know how to respond when I got this urgent message from the front desk. These things usually get me pretty ansy. A patient in trouble? DKA? Hypoglycemia? In this case, a patient had called in to the phone messaging system and left this message for Dr. Vagus:
"Please send in a prescription for the most powerful male enhancing medication out there as soon as possible..."
I called him back, and gently explained that I saw him 3 months ago for a thyroid nodule, and had since dismissed him back to his GP after my biopsy found this to be benign. I suggested he talks to his GP about whatever problem he had.
Admittedly, part of me was dying to know why. But I didn't think it to be relevant nor professional to ask.
(male enhancing=penis enlarging? Or did he mean erectile dysfunction? Hot date coming up, perhaps?)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I hope this message was not from our 74-year old Sarawak CM who is getting married this Saturday, to a 28-year old ex-stewardess from Syria.

9:40 PM  
Blogger Mei Mei said...

I enjoy reading your blog ;)keep it up

11:19 PM  

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