Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dear Santa,

I've been a really good boy this year. I know Christmas is only 9 days away, so I thought I'd make it easier on you and send you my Christmas wish list. Yes, I know I'm being thoughtful by sharing this with you, but you know such is my nature.
This year, I'd like:
  • A 46 inch LCD TV to put in the basement. After all, having a TV to watch while running on the treadmill would tremendously increase my exercise duration. And to really make me work out, throw in a BluRay player
  • While we're at it, I'd love a NordicTrack C900 treadmill. After all, a diabetes doctor should practice what he preaches, no?
  • An Apple Ipad. Not because I need it, or even understand what the fuss is about. But I figured, if 99% of the world wants it, I should too. After all, I'm Chinese, and kiasuism is in my blood
  • An outdoor Jacuzzi tub, the one with the LED lights and waterproof speakers. I'd love nothing more than to soak in a hot tub on a cold winter's day. To have your nuts boiling, while your nose is blue/black from frostbite
  • A practical car. Now that I'm a father, I can't be driving the 2-seater all the time, can I? So, nothing flamboyant, but something practical. Something with 4-WD for the winter. Perhaps even something hybrid. Ah, I know, you can get me the Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid. Now isn't that a good compromise? I'll even take the model that comes with the car. We could use a German bombshell nanny for the baby
  • A lifetime supply of Rogaine. After all, I'm concerned about cancer of the scalp
See? I wasn't too greedy, was I? I'll even leave you some rum under the Christmas tree. And this month's Maxim magazine. Promise I won't tell Mrs. Santa.


Anonymous gina said...

Merry Christmas, Doc, Kris and baby Alison!

7:57 AM  

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