Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bye, Mom!

Mom left for Malaysia today. After a stay of 5 months, it was sad to see her go as it was when Dad left earlier.
It was a real treat for us that Mom and Dad got to spend these few months with our Allison, to have our daughter be pampered and cared for by the people who cared for me. Alli got really attached to her Ah Ma; you could tell by the way she responds to and laughs with her.
And so, this morning, it was a tearful (ahem, rainy) farewell for us. Mom, Kristin and I just, well, simply put, bawled, while Allison just laughed at the rest of us.
(it didn't make it any easier that Delta messed up her flight itinerary)
Have a good flight back, Mom! We'll miss you! See you next year.