Saturday, September 18, 2010

I had fun at one of my patient's expense today. I shouldn't have, but I couldn't resist. And we go back enough that I was comfortable doing it.
Mrs. Y came for her 3 month follow up of her diabetes. As pump patients go, she's one of my more reliable patients. She also has Graves' for which I put her on Methimazole not too long ago.
As my nurse took her vital signs, I walked up to her back silently.
And as she got on our digital weighing scale, I quietly put my right foot on the scale.
She almost choked when the scale read 180 lbs for the slender Mrs. Y.
She blurted out,
"I knew Dr. V said I might gain some weight when he put me on the thyroid medication, but I didn't expect SO much!".
It was then that my nurse and I started laughing, that she knew what was going on.
138 lbs after all.
We had a good laugh (Mrs. Y too). One of the perks of the job; some patients you get to know well enough that it gets fun.
Before she left, she promised to get back at me. And knowing her sense of humor, I'm pretty sure her threat of revenge will not go forgotten!