Tuesday, September 07, 2010

This was a doozy of a consult.
It was a 'I have an urgent consult, can you please see ASAP?' type deal, coming from a cardiologist friend.
Mr. Y ate at The Machine Shed the other day. He reported having 4 slices of french toast with syrup, 2 beers, 2 shots of Jack and then was called to have his appointment with cardiology for pre-angio work up for ischemia. Why he had alcohol in the morning, before a doctor's visit when he was supposed to be NPO, I don't know.
His glucose after that was found to be 580 mg/dL while his triglycerides 850 mg/dL; naturally his angiogram was cancelled and he was routed my way.
I asked him why. He said he was splurging as he felt he could die from the angiogram anyhow. "I might as well enjoy life...!"


Blogger MarytrMom said...

Hahaha..people sure are funny!
Actually my drug addict acts that same way right before rehab......goes out and gets really high

6:05 PM  

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