Monday, October 19, 2009

The Weekend That Was

We had a swell time. Never mind that the weekend was short.
Good friends, good food, lots of alcohol, and a firepit.
We rental a lodge in the Dells. It was a good 5-hour drive for Kristin and I, but armed with buckets of snacks and a 10-hour audio novel, the drive turned out to be pretty pleasant and not too tiring.
We met up with the gang in Wisconsin, dear friends from our alma mater, for a Malaysian-Singaporean reunion. It had been a while (since we moved to IA) since we had the company of our friends, with no regards for any curfew or needing to hold back on alcohol because we had to drive- basically we stuffed ourselves with food and wine/beer/mojitos (whenever we get together, we inevitably overeat. I came back 1.8 kgs heavier. Seriously).
Also spent the better part of a day hanging out at one of the indoor themeparks. I think the adults had as much fun as the kids with the laser tag, rock climbing and go-carts. I realized how much I missed my pals, and how precious these little gatherings are for us to catch up, be ourselves amongst our 'family' or just to see how much their kids have grown. Yes, we had fun, indeed.

And what better way to top this up than with a nice, toasty campfire to warm you on the outside, and lots of alcohol to warm you on the inside?
Thanks, guys, for a fun weekend!


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