Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's Over

It's in the air. The coldness. The relative darkness of the morning that greets my wife and I as we drive to work. The yellowing leaves on the trees. In fact some are already beginning to fall.

Today is the official first day of autumm. What on earth happened to summer? Did it already end? While I do like what fall brings (apple cider, the sound of crackling leaves under your feet, campfires, the fiery red color of fall leaves) it's what follows I dread: the white stuff that comes next, winter. It was a topic of half-hearted humor at clinic today when I saw my patients, for we knew when we next met for their 3-monthly hemoglobin A1c checks we'd see the dreaded white stuff on the ground.
And childishly, fearfully, this will be the first winter in, oh, 4 year, where I won't get to spend with my family (well, aside from my wife)- mom and dad usually like to spend a month here during winter but I talked them into coming during spring 2010. So much for my big fat mouth. Oh well.


Blogger antatosh said...

Arr.. but then you are forgetting your midwestern mal-sing family!!

12:33 PM  

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