Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Wedding

That's probably how I would describe the wedding. It was a beautiful, emotional event.
My buddy finally married his sweetheart, after a 9 year courtship that spanned medical school, residency, fellowship, 700 miles between then for 6 years, and the hardships of esophageal cancer.
It was a day when not only the love they had for each other obvious, but also the love of their family, friends and colleages for them. They are about the more considerate and kind people you'd ever meet, and it is clear they have touched many.It was special too, to have our 'clan' being so involved in the wedding. I was the best man, with the others acting as groomsmen, bridesmaids, ushers, readers, pianist. It felt truly, like a 'family' event. And it was special too because almost exactly a year ago, Buddy was the best man at our wedding.

I daresay most if not ALL of us were pretty emotional during the ceremony, knowing what these two guys have gone through. Myself, my eyes started tearing up when the couple offered roses to the mothers after they exchanged their vows. Somewhere to my right, I could swear I hear Alan, one of buddy's good friends here, sniffing. Alan, a tough, no-nonsense 6 foot tall American guy.
The reception was pretty crazy fun too. The crowds (fueled by the wine, no doubt) made pretty good use of the dance floor, including these 3 leggy macarena dancers.
Bud's first dance was pretty amazing too, and unlike the rest of us who just went out and danced, it was clear they had a well-rehearsed, choreographed dance to Sinatra's L-O-V-E.
The bastard. Made the rest of us guys look bad.

I have to say too though. I grew up watching American TV and you get the impression that the groomsmen get to hook up with the wild bridesmaids. Well, I have only one thing to say to that.
It's all true! Damn, I got to hook up with this hot blue-eyed blonde bombshell and we had a hell of a magical night! Man, I love being in American weddings. Something about these women seeing other men get married that makes them wanna get a guy. Any guy.
This was the chick I hooked up with (Strangely enough, she bears an uncanny resemblence to my wife. I wonder why?)


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Kris is so pretty in this picture!

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