Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another stupid idea

Not that there is ever any acceptable situation for telling your wife this:

KOTA KINABALU, MALAYSIA: A husband telling his wife that she is no longer pretty in an attempt to humiliate her can be classified as an emotional violence offence if amendments are made to the Domestic Violence Act (DVA)1994.
The plan is to amend the DVA for the inclusion of a clause on emotional violence against women.
Currently, they are only protected only against physical abuse, Women's Development Department director-general Datuk Dr Noorul Ainur Mohd Nur said.
She said on Wednesday that the aim for proposing the amendment was to safeguard women both physically and emotionally.
Dr Noorul said emotional violence was a form of abuse that would deeply scar a woman and lower their self-esteem, dignity and self-confidence.

But this really takes the cake. Previously, it was only the men in the gomen sector that was coming up with chauvinistic and totally demented ideas (ie "don't hire pretty women because they are the root of all evil") but it looks like some women are getting back at them.

I guess if you populate Malaysia with offspring of our brainless politicians, you end up with all women as housewives and homemakers (ie you are made to hire only 'ugly women', and if you can't call anyone ugly, I guess you end up not being able to hire any females at all?).

(PS this is a man in drag)
Personally I think anyone rude and dumb enough to tell his wife she isn't pretty anymore deserves to be castrated and have his gonads fed to hungry turtles; but to make this illegal? Sounds like a waste of politicians' time to me. Or perhaps they DO have too much time on their hands.