Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another wedding

Phew, we're back. And we're exhausted. We were at another wedding; this time it was Kristin's sister's wedding in Kennebunkport, Maine. We took Friday off and flew in to Boston, then drove a couple of hours to the location.
It was a beautiful wedding, in a pretty location. The weather was great and so they had their outdoor wedding (something about burying a bottle of whisky to keep the rain away, I hear). Kristin was one of the bridesmaids, while yours truly was an usher. Came up with the brilliant plan to charge five bucks for the seats and came home a few hundred bucks richer. Just kidding!
Things went well, considering it rained Friday and Sunday but the sun came out in between. We all had plenty of fun, and got all loaded up on Maine lobsters.

The one interesting thing about this town, is that although it's small, it's a really pretty coastal town, with plenty of water activities. So nice, in fact, that George Bush (senior) has a summer home here and was actually here during this time. You'd see the Secret Service crawling around everywhere you went. And because his home was beachfront, they would patrol the waters periodically too.

And perhaps the most amusing thing, was that this was coincidentally his 85th birthday, so the entire Bush clan came over to celebrate with him. And he's obviously a pretty popular guy in town, so there were plenty of congratulatory banners. They call him 'Skip' (apparently a nickname from school) or '41' (for the 41st president- they call Bush Jr 43).

And so what does one ex-President do for his 85th birthday? He jumps out of a perfectly good airplane!!
Seriously. Go
Google this or something. Tandem, of course. Some of the wedding visitors were able to watch him perform the landing.


Anonymous Lin said...

Kristin's sister looks liek an Asian?

10:59 AM  
Blogger vagus said...

yes her older sister is Korean-born, adopted as an infant

6:15 AM  

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