Monday, December 22, 2008

Dear Santa

It's 3 days to Christmas.
What would I ask for on my wish list for Santa?
A new computer?
A nifty ultrasound for work?
A new cellphone?

Strangely, as I was thinking about what I would list on my blog, I came up with this conclusion: Nothing.

I'm married to a beautiful young lady, who despite my rapidly thinning hair and short legs, loves me for who I am. I have a stable job despite the bad economic times that pays decently, and though we're up to our eyeballs in mortgages and loans, we're holding up. My family and I are healthy. I have a wonderful family, and the bonus this year is that we'll be together this Christmas (though Dad's coming only next month).

So, I'm realizing that aside from the childish "I want a space shuttle", really, I'm content. I thank God for all that He has blessed me with.

And so Santa, and God, this year I 'm going to pass on giving you my Christmas wish list. Instead, I'm going to wish for peace in the world, kindness amongst men, and health and happiness in my patients.

(okay, and perhaps a really quiet call-week over New Year's).

Merry Christmas, everyone. And have a Blessed New Year.


Anonymous gina said...

Blessed Christmas, Doc. :D

10:53 PM  
Blogger KL MEDICINE said...

Hope you have that quiet call over New Years

7:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lazy doc...

1:38 PM  
Blogger CHARIS said...

I'm writing this at the psychiatric hospital where I'm currently doing the overnight Christmas shift!

Yes, I think you've had a blessed year, and it's good to hear that you have taken time to pause and give thanks for it.

12:21 AM  

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