Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Not that a Malaysian boy like me really understands the historical significance of this day. To me, it's a holiday! A day of good food. Followed by crazy 4 am shopping deals (yes, the day after Thanksgiving, also called Black Friday, is the best time of the year for deals. Malls open at 4 am)(Interesting factoid: This is only in the USA, in Canada it was Boxing Day, the day after Christmas).

Anyways, Kristin gave me my very own flavor injector this year! At least I no longer have to swip a syringe and needle from work like I did the previous years. Remember that surgical procedure I did a couple of years ago?

Anyway, it's gonna be a special Thanksgiving this year because my mom, sister are enroute from Malaysia as we speak. We'll be having dinner this weekend, along with my visiting in-laws. So, our house will see family for company!

One interesting work-related Thanksgiving issue that came up. I saw this guy with flushing and diaphoretic episodes yesterday. Probably nothing I can do from the endocrine standpoint, but I should at least try to rule out carcinoid. Sent him home with a urine container for 24-hour urinary 5-HIAA. And then I did a double take, and told him to do the collection only next weekend. Any other week I would not have made this an issue. Though not listed as one of those things that can interfere with the test, I figured with Thanksgiving and all, I didn't want the tryptophan-laden turkey to give a false positive. Perhaps that would be interesting research study?


Blogger John said...

Draw blood to check his CGA and pancreastatin (ISI labs California)....many carcinoid cancer patients don't have abnormal 5HIAA results.

7:44 PM  
Blogger dennis said...

Any abdominal pain? I have carcinoid in my small bowel and havent ever had abnormal lab values. I did have abd pain which led me to am MD who did a CT which id the tumor. A small bowel resection followed and high dose Indium 111 treatment.

10:56 AM  
Blogger Michelle Mak said...

still doesnt wanna wear glove?
lol :P

9:33 AM  
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