Friday, May 06, 2005

Things I'm Looking Forward To

Yesterday was great day. Warm, 17C. Washed my car, and was so motivated that I dug up the old flower bed (plant to do some gardening this year) and fired up the barbeque pit (first BBQ of the year. Just some burgers, beer and my housemates).
Looking forward to a few things now:

Warmer days, so that I can go canoeing again
Biking on the Root River Trail near Lanesboro (perhaps next weekend will be warm enough)
Going to New Orleans for a... emm... 'conference'
Flying home to Malaysia in 15 days (woo hoo!). Finally get to see my new nephew. And old friends (including Mr. Satay and Ms. Nasi Lemak). And some new (blogger buddies)
Nick & Helen's wedding in August (however, my internal medicine board exams will be the week before. Ugh)


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