Sunday, May 30, 2010

Baby Names

And so we're trying to come up with baby names. I won't even go near the middle name yet, since we're already having a tough time with the first name (BTW Chinese middle name, or not?).
I mean, this is big deal, isn't it? It will be for life. It will write her life, her future, her destiny. It matters, whether you name your kid Hillary Rodham or Smellikoochie-kaka.
I do think some people try a bit too hard to give their kids special names. To each his own I suppose. But come on. Apple? Phycilin? Escherichia??? (I swear, the latter is true, I read it in The Star when I was in college- some Malaysian microbiologist loved his work so much he gave that name to his son. Poor kid (well, he's probably in his early 20s now), being named after a fecal bacteria.
"Oh yes, my dad named me after Princess Diana.."
"My name means morning sun in Japanese. What did your parents name you after?"
"..... >_< "
Now, if this wasn't a big deal, and would not psychologically scar someone for the rest of their lives, I'd like to have fun with this. Oh, the names I'd give. Offhand, Mercedes comes to mind. After all, it IS a girl's name. Except I see her make a career out of pole dancing. Or worse.
I could do as the nobles do. Kristin the 2nd (obviously I'm not gonna name my daughter after me). Or, in this technological age, Kristin 2.0. Or iKristin?? Yea, I think I like that one.
Or, perhaps to guarantee free college tuition, you could do some commercial endorsement. Name her KotexLightdaysExtracoverageOdorAbsorbing, or Kot-tee for short (Gawd, that's a nickname I certainly had to put up with). Or since we love our dogs, PurinaBeneful, that sounds kinda feminine. I'm having too much fun with this; my wife is going to kill me. I'd better stop.
Anyhoo, we keep throwing the same few names out so I guess we have it kinda narrowed down. Kinda. Except she keeps finding new ones, and tires of the old ones. We'll eventually come up with something (in the meantime, anyone out there looking to advertise their product? Call me)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whatever name you choose, she will be precious!

The Lin

(Helen's an old lady name in the US, so I never had to share my name with anybody in school!)

5:38 PM  
Blogger Hockeyclimber said...

Kids or not, we had already decided on the full names of the oldest boy and oldest girl -- both include 2 middle names, one of which is Chinese, to honour our respective parents. Tough luck on them for filling out those SAT bubbles though...

5:45 PM  
Anonymous mumbler said...

put in a chinese middle name! go through all those tang shi and stuff to find something nice. sorry, i'm all for holding onto our heritage. since she's going to be half chinese, it'll be nice =)

4:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

talkin about names....I met a guy who hpnd to be my patient ..n his name was MOHAMAD RIONALDO.... muahahaha ( and he's not even in the m'sian football team! )

another newborn baby...she was named MARIA SHARAKONA ( and mind u, it's a MALAY baby )..inilah makna inovatif dan kreatif ;-)

and recently, in the paeds ward, an infant got admitted for acute bronchiolitis...n her name was
ALIA ROXETTE SHAHIRAH ....n i actually HAD to ask the mother..."r u a fan of ROXETTE ? " n the reply was " NO, but the FATHER is, n he insisted on naming his child after her!! "

9:33 AM  
Blogger vagus said...

erm. don't you think you're violating patient confidentiality laws by sharing the names?

11:48 AM  
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