Thursday, February 12, 2009

An Afternoon's Thoughts

Ok, this is my next soppy, sentimental post.
I never quite understood this when I was in high school. I was childish (well, still am) and would get irritated by friends who neglect friendship. Who don't bother keeping in touch.
And then, it's funny how life just happens.
16 years later, I'm here and it's now. And life is just about trying to get work done well, housekeeping issues, bills etc. You tell yourself you'll call 'soon'. And before you know it, you've not called your friends in months.
I realized this when I was looking at my old pictures. Of highschool buddies whom I miss and are still dear to me. Of college friends, people who saw me at my lowest points during the stresses of medical school. Mamak friends, squash friends. Ex-roomates, colleagues. Even ex-girlfriends and ex-flames.
And so, if you know me in person (and we didn't part on bad terms), there's a good chance this post is meant for you too:
I'm sorry I haven't kept in touch as often as I should. I do still cherish the friendship and the memories and do miss the times we hung out.


Blogger PaulOS said...

Friends are friends forever.. and The Friendship will never end.

You're a good friend indeed..

This song has been overplayed many times in many situations.. but it has evoked emotions that have helped me through many periods I've been down..

8:02 PM  
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