Monday, July 14, 2008

The Future: Bleak?

Met up with some buddies for lunch yesterday. One of the things we talked about was the future of Malaysia, of our people; they were comtemplating migration to Australia. The wife was worried about how her children and children's children would be treated
This seems to be something that comes up frequently amongst the minority races here. Of the state of affairs in this country and whether our children would have to face a tougher, more discriminatory and corrupt Malaysia and whether it would be better to just move elsewhere.
For those unfamiliar with the Malaysian system, there is an affirmative action policy (the New Economic Policy) in place that favors the indigenous race (mainly the Malays) over others (mainly Chinese and Indian) in almost all aspects of society: university acceptance, scholarships, special discounts for home purchase, business, banking. One reason for this is to appease the indigenous people (termed the Bumiputras) following the racial riots and massacre of Indian and Chinese people in 1969.
Affirmative action is used everywhere, not just in Malaysia, usually to equalize groups of different social or economic statures. However, Malaysia's NEP favors the majority over the minority races. The Malaysian Consitution gives the Malays 'special rights and privileges that cannot be questioned', and includes areas, that, in my humble opinion, should be free of favoritism. One of them being education. I remember my form 5 Malay language tuition teacher (a Malay lady, bless her heart, herself on the panel of examiners of the SPM exam) who told us: If you begin your essays with Muslim greetings and try to sound like you're Malay, you'll score better. And in application forms of any kind, after age and gender there is always a column for: Race.
Naturally, there is a festering sense of resentment amongst the minority races, while in the majority race there is a growing sense of entitlement, even in the post-independence, modern-day era Malaysia. Even the young are raised with an increasing sense of special privileges on the sole basis of race.
And with politicians constantly using the 'special rights issue' as electoral tool, subtly threatening a repeat of the racial riots if people tried to abolish the double-standard system of the country, many fear whether there would be increased suppression of the minority races.
For me, my reasons for choosing to remain in the US are:
1) Kristin
2) The NEP
It irks me to the deepest level, to have someone younger than me to tell me to my face that I should not complain about things being unfair, that I should simply be thankful that 'they' are 'allowing' me and my family to live here. Like we just got off the slow boat from China a month ago. Simply put, I think the thought that one group is superior to another on the basis of skin color belongs to the dark ages.
This, in a country that supposedly gained independence over 50 years ago. Never mind the fact that me, my father and his father, were born on this soil. This, simply because his forefather stepped on this soil before my forefather did. On a recent trip to the waterfalls with my family, I had a kid try to jostle us of the way stating that 'they Bumiputras' should have right of way and should be let through. I was too irritated and embarassed to tell my in-laws from the US what they said. But for a fleeting moment I would have traded my Xbox to see that tubby 15-year old slip and fall on his butt.
Think as you wish, but I'm a firm believer in Darwin's theories of evolution, that for a species to thrive there has to be competition and natural selection. And that you don't teach a person to walk by giving him a crutch; you merely make him dependent on it. And when you introduce discrimination and favoritism, you encourage inefficiency, corruption and laziness. We see this in biology- reason why our stroke patients develop muscle atrophy.
I see this the reason for an entire generation of good-for-nothing motorcycle bums that the government is trying now to control.
Malaysia makes for an interesting study- on one hand one groups claims supremacy and superiority and how it towers over others and is becoming increasingly globalized; on the other hand the same group yells and screams about how NEP needs to remain in place because they are still behind, and their rights need to be protected to prevent being left behind.
When we visited Singapore last week, despite Singapore's many flaws, I sadly thought how Malaysia and Singapore started at the same level, yet in a mere 4 decades Singapore has surpassed Malaysia in every respect and become a major world player, and how my home country could have been should there be more effective systems. A system that rewards merely on integrity and quality of work, not race, not gender, not who you know. It is noteworthy that when my patients hear I'm from Malaysia, after the 'Where is it?' inevitably comes the 'Oh, is it near Singapore?'
This trip back, more so than before, I notice the high number of people I know who have chosen to make elsewhere their home. So many friends, so many sons and daughters of Malaysia, so many professionals, who choose to leave, accelerating the brain drain.
For they probably share my experience- I feel more like a 2nd class citizen in my homeland, than I do half a world away in a foreign land.
And so I tell my friends at lunch, every country has her flaws, but perhaps emigration is not a bad idea.
I have made my choice. A difficult one, but necessary. Morbid, perhaps, for I am unsure of the future of my descendants here. While I anxiously await for the day when a Bangsa Malaysia (Malaysian race), free of discrimination, would truly exist, I am not sure if this would ever become reality.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow - that was an amazing and moving post.

6:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to your post. I left Malaysia more than twenty years ago to further my studies and have only returned for visits. I miss my family, relatives, and friends tremendously, along with the warm weather, and food. I do not miss the Malaysian politics.

4:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think rather than continuing to moan about the situation, one should look at Tony Pua as a shining example - a Malaysian Oxford graduate who has rolled his sleeves up and involved himself to change things for the better.

4:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I've never heard of Tony Pua but he must be an awesome person. I met my spouse and like Vagus have chosen to live in my spouse's country of origin. You are right about people needing to be proactive.

6:40 PM  
Blogger Darren said...

Vagus so what's ur final decision? Stay or come back?=)
Congrats on your wedding!

7:22 PM  
Blogger vagus said...

perhaps it's a sense of learned helplessness, but as much as i'd like to change things, i'm not sure i'd be able to with the overwhelming number of obstacles.
but thanks for the reference to Tony Pua- just read up on him and he is a real inspiration!
Darren: will stay in the US. i'm not sure how long it would take for my wife to get PR here if we came back. My Taiwanese aunt waited 8 years.

8:38 PM  
Blogger chroniclesist said...

My mum migrated over here(Melbourne) about 2 years ago, a year after I arrived to further my studies, and everytime she returns to Malaysia, there's bound to be someone asking the question:"So the people there, racist ah?"

Her answer? "I feel more discriminated in my own country."

My aunt, an ex- UM lecturer always tells me this: "If you can, pleeeaaase, don't go back to work/study."


6:29 AM  
Blogger Stella said...

I want to go back,knowing very well that my age, my religion, my race and my sex will be obstacles I will face trying to make Malaysia better. Yet I still want to go back. If it's for the greater good, why not? But then there is also the issue of self-preservation. Should I give so much for a country that has given me so little?

12:23 PM  
Blogger Melissa said...

I guess many malaysians that are currently overseas echos your thoughts. I, for one have decided to stay in Sydney.I can't say I don't miss Malaysia(especially the food, friends,relatives) but giving priorities to our own future(as well as our next generations'),imho,is just being human.
btw, congrats on your wedding :)

10:45 PM  
Anonymous pavlova said...

Unfortunately, there are still quite a number of ppl back home that are still optimistic about Malaysia.

In fact, they deem ppl like "us" who went away and not come back UNPATRIOTIC.

It irks, yet saddens me in a way.
Like the malay saying " katak di bawah tempurung".

I'm not sure if it's in my conscience to come back and help make the country a better place.
That's just me, really.
Some people perhaps feel that it's worth the sacrifice....
But that doesn't mean people aren't entitled to make their own choices...
Different people hold different values in their lives...

4:01 PM  
Blogger vagus said...

pavlova: no, that's fortunate- optimism is a good thing and i know some are more optimistic than me. i hope i'm wrong, and while i've taken this route i think it's good that others think otherwise and are working towards it. we'll see i guess, and hope for the best

6:52 PM  
Blogger Tsu Lin + + said...

Great post, Dr Vagus. I can relate to it, sadly.

3:05 AM  
Blogger PaulOS said...

It's easy to see why some would feel about those who have emigrated. It's like "Malaysia not good enough meh?"

In truth, Malaysia is not good enough when you're being "punished" for what you have no control over.

It is rotten to think & see what's going on, but I believe we're born in a place or called to different places for divine purposes & reasons.

Like you Vagus, when you shared about finding a purpose to go half way round the world. It was indeed a divine revelation, purpose and appointment for you!!! :)

I believe we have to do the best with what we have where we're at. Many ppl call me silly not to go back to Oz. True the grass is definitely greener over there, the sheep have whiter fleece and the chips are salted better
But to me.. I have not received any divine calling to go there. And I will stay put where He has placed me to make the best change I can with what He has given me..

Find & Know your purpose, Live it out..

5:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have worked in 2 overseas countries, UK and Singapore, but still the pull to go back home is stronger. maybe i am just stubborn but somehow, i cant imagine having a proper life without my family, the weather, the culture and environment that i have grown up in. some people find it easy to adapt to a new life, some dont. but most people will still yearn for malaysia despite settling down elsewhere

9:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apologies if my comment sounds oppositional.

I just thought chinese and indians in Malaysia faired better than their counterparts in any other part of the world.
Indians and Chinese in Malaysia are given opportunity to attend schools that are based on their respective language. Unlike their counterparts in the UK, they had to succumbed to the national school that only run using English as communication medium.

The Malays had lost lots of their rights to the Chinese and Indians. As a Malay, I wouldnt mind to share my rights with them as long as they embrace the real meaning of being a Malaysian, which means they have to be purely and act like a Malaysian. Am giving u an example: Language. They should speak Malay language (supposedly called Malaysian language) at all time in dealing with daily chores etc, for instance. There should be no-more special language school designated for these ethnics. there should only be one and only mainstream national school using a common language ie Malay Language. Whereas, Indians and Chinese in the UK had already succumbed to all-english national school long time ago. They do things just like other british do. They speak English as fluent as a caucasian British do. But can all chinese and indians who were born, bred and raised in Malaysia speak fluently like the Malays do? Its appalling not all do. These is one among few other examples. You may say Chinese and Indians in the UK had lost their true identity, you are absolutely right. In fact they are proud to be called a British, rather than being addressed with their respective ethnic label. A British I spoke to, agreed, if these minority races were so boasted and proud to practise their very own customs, they should long be sent to their home country where they could happily do stuff they enjoy doing!

But why Malay language should be treated superiorly? From my mycroscopic point of view, Malay Language deserved to be honoured as the main (and only) speaking language in Malaysia simply because its the only country that this language belongs to. Chinese and Indian languages are spoken across the globe, and they have their own place of practice. Should the practice of Malay language is eroded in its own land, i doubt there will be any other country taking care of the language and make it to prosper (apart from Brunei and Indonesia). Loud applause to Indonesians regardless of their ethnic status who speak Indonesian language marvelously well!!!

I thought if minority races think they deserved a bigger portion of right should be reserved for them, they should hv gone back to their respective mainland countries. They have more freedom to speak Chinese or other local languages, and practise customs just like other chinese citizens do.

As for politics, its appalling to see low-minded malay politicians lead the country into becoming heavily corrupted, non-transparent nation. They do things to their own taste for the benefit of their own pocket and the cronies.

Lastly, I urged member of all ethnics in Malaysia, to unite as a single nation called Malaysian!!!!

Just some of my random points blurted off my thought at 12.04am.

6:43 PM  
Anonymous MKH said...

the above comment was authored (LOL) by me, but not the other one above it. Cheers

Best wishes


6:49 PM  
Blogger vagus said...

MKH: your comments are certainly appreciated.
I agree with the part about non-Malay Malaysians needing to use the national language more, but I think the current phenomenon is due to the very segregated society we have. Also we have to be careful- in promoting BM we cannot neglect the international language of English- as it is many already struggle with this, and one frequently finds atrocious grammar and spelling even in official functions.
However, I do not see why the use of BM should determine what benefits a citizen of Malaysia receives. Does that mean the more BM I speak the more entitled I should be for a scholarship? I see this as irrelevant.
and your comment: "if minority races think they deserved a bigger portion of right should be reserved for them, they should hv gone back to their respective mainland countries" does not make sense (though I get it a lot from many other Malays) because, you see, we ARE Malaysian. Born and Bred here. We have no 'mainland country' to return to. People should not see us as refugees, but rather, a citizen of a different ethnic background, but a citizen nonetheless.

6:06 AM  
Anonymous MKH said...

Language is very important as it provides a common platform for all walk of life. In Malaysia for a case, I want Malaysian Language to be used way superiorly than any other language. Because thats one of the many symbols to show u are a Malaysian. We are highly segregated due to different types of school that we attend. Chinese prone to go to Chinese-based school (though it carries the word NATIONAL in it) but it purely doesnt advocate and encourage unity.

In fact Chinese and Indians should use more Malaysian Language and should adopt their mother tongue as their second or third speaking language.

Oleh itu saya menggesa agar segala golongan rakyat supaya lebih mengamati budaya dan ciri2 sebenar seorang Malaysia. Apakah yang membuatkan anda berasa diri anda warga Malaysia selain drpd ia menjadi tempat lahir dan tempat anda dibesarkan? Golongan bukan bumiputera masih terkongkong di dalam komuniti mereka sendiri dan tidak berminat untuk bersatu dan bermesra dengan masyarakat lain, antaranya disebabkan oleh penguasaan bahasa penghantar yang sepatutnya dijadikan universal di Malaysia (ie BM) yang lemah dikalangan golongan tersebut.

Jangan tersalah sangka saya anti-orang cina atau india. Saya punya kawan baik dari komuniti ini. Saya sayang dan puja mereka lantaran usaha mereka untuk mendampingi bahasa melayu dan memerhati tata cara hidup orang melayu (selaku penduduk asal tanah melayu). Seorang kwan india saya mengaji di sekolah menengah kebangsaan (bukan jenis tamil), dan bahasa Melaysia nya setanding org2 Melayu yang lain.

Jangan anggap pandangan saya berbunyi oblivious, tetapi org2 bukan bumiputera patut sedar akan tanggunjawab mereka untuk menjadikan diri mereka lebih Malaysia. Mereka patut memperkasakan diri mereka dgn jati diri dan semangat Malaysia, sampai ke tahap mereeka sangggup hidup dan mati kerana negara. Bukan seperti segelintir yg mengganggap Malaysia tempat untuk membesar, dan bila dah berkemampuan, ditinggalkan nye negara Malaysia berhijrah ke negara lain, dan terus memlemparkan pelbagai tohmahan terhadap ketidak telusan di MALAYSIA. Sebenarnya jatidiri org2 sebegini terlalu nipis. Mereka sepatutnya berada di Malaysia melaksanakan pelbagai pembaharuan dan menggantikan pembuat dasar yang memang keparat pada masa sekarang. Tetapi mereka di US menjunjung nilai2 ameicana, dan hanya tau memburuk2kan sistem di Malaysia. Saya selaku org Malaysia (Melayu mixed chinese), tetap yakin segala kelemahan di Malaysia akan terpadam jika org2 hebat spt dr Vagus dan professional2 lain yg berpandangan luas pulang ke Malaysia dan melaksanakan sendiri pembaharuan. Saya sendiri meluat dengan kepimpinan kerajaan Malaysia yg rata2 diterajui oleh org2 Melayu berfikiran pendek dan sempit.

Berkenaan penggunaan Bahasa Inggeris, ia sangat penting selaku bahasa antara bangsa, tetapi ingatlah ia adalah bahasa junjungan orang2 Britain, Amerika, Australia, New Zealand dan banyak lagi. Cukup lah ia dijunjung di negara2 tersebut, berilah peluang buat Bahasa Melayu (aka Malaysia) untuk dijunjung di bumi Malaysia kerana itu adalah aset negara kita. Begitu juga dengan Bahsa Mandarin, Kantonese, tamil etc, Bahasa2 ini adalah bahasa2 junjungan di negara tanah besar India dan China. Bahasa Malaysia tidak ada tempatnye di dunia ini selain negara Malaysia. Berilah peluang Bahasa Malaysia untuk berkembang mekar di tanah nya sendiri, saya selaku anak malaysia berasa kesal kerana semakin hari ia semakin diabaikan, kononnya ia bahasa yg hanya layak di gunnakan di kampung. Bagi saya bahasa Malaysia senantiasa menjadi bahasa pertama saya, dan bahasa inggeris bahasa kedua, walaupun saya berpendapat saya berkomunikasi dgn tersangat fasih di dalam bahasa inggeris, cukuplah saya menjunjungnya sewaktu berada di tanah UK (i am not bragging but i was told i sound like a British, by my fellow British mates, bosses etc). Bila di Malaysia, saya junjung dan dokong bahasa Malaysia!!!!!

Berkenaan Dasar Ekonomi Baru, apa kata jika orang melayu bersedia ia dimansuhkan, bersediakah org2 bukan bumiputera jika semua sekolah jenis kebangsaan (Cina dan tamil) di tutup dan penggunaan Bahasa Asing selain bahasa Melaysia dan Inggeris di haramkan di tempat2 awam????


1:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mkh, sure enough malaysian youth today are well integrated with the community of malaysia, malays chinese and indians mixing. but vagus is trying to point out is the obvious, most indians and chinese are 3rd or maybe 4th generation in Malaysia. We are malaysians.

We dont want more privileges, we want a level playing field. Just look at private colleges in Malaysia, filled with non-bumi's who have given up on the STPM system, and due to lack of confidence in the selection process into going to uni. Students who score straight A's in STPM but whom is non bumi significantly looses his or her chances of obtaining the course they want. they get dumped in another course.

We have politicians in parliament stating that their so called keris will take the lives of chinese. Im sure racism cant be eliminated to a full. But this just takes it to a new level, its technically the basis of our constitution, and you know what makes it more funny? malaysia contested apartheid a few decades back at the UN when its clearly the same back here. Pure irony.

Its malaysia's lost if they continue such way in my opinion, its just gonna continue the downfall of our country. So many professionals like Vagus have left the country to seek a better life. and a better life he has. the thought of brining his wife here to obtain a pr would take 8 years, but as an indon due to them being of the same indo-malay race , a pr for them is easy.

for many reasons why most people wont wanna make a stand is cause of the ISA , once the ISA comes down on your ass , you're as good as gone. Well those non bumis leaving are kinda doing the bumis a favour, most of them want us gone anyway, especially the politicians.

At the end of the day trying to fight for a level playing field in malaysia is literally a hopeless cause.

11:40 PM  
Anonymous MKH said...

ibarat kata saya, sanggupkah org Cina dan India jika semua sekolah Cina dan India ditutup dan digantikan dengan sekolah kebangsaan yang satu yg menggunakan BAHASA MALAYSIA, serta penggunaan bahasa mandarin, kantonese, tamil etc dikurangkan/diharamkan ditempat awam.

Ini adalah antara beberapa simbol kebanggan org cina dan india yg patut diredakan, untuk memberi laluan kepada integrasi nasional!

Dan, baru lah org2 Melayu akan melepaskan hak2 istimewa kami (termasuk kuota biasiswa, universiti dsb) untuk memberi laluan kepada anda!

I understand your concern regarding corruptions etc, but dont assume we all malays agree with the corrupted Malay leaders. They led this country into nowhere to be proud of. Hishamuddin is a real twat, and he brings disgrace to the Malay community. Least I would expect him to be a minister based on his capacity and credibility coz he has NONE!!!! and he doesnt speak representing all the people (sebenarnya die menangis2 mengangkat keris dekat perhimpunan UMNO tu sebab die nak tunjuk dekat pemimpin2 tertinggi bahwa die lah org melayu yg paling komited nak pertahan kan parti / hak melayu, tapi saya yakin die sebenarnya buat sebeegitu semata2 nakkan perhatian so nanti senang nak dapat benda2 material yang lain (mcm pangkat, jawatan etc)... tolonglah nak muntah aku tengok muka orang yg hipokrit mcm Hisham tu.. bodoh... bila die emo tak tentu psl huyang-hayang keris tu, saya sendiri rasa tak selesa dan saya faham ia adalah tindakan terburu2 yg memberikan tekanan ke atas perhubungan antara kaum... after all he's narrow-minded and emotionally-driven and we dont need him to lead us/ this country)

I reckon Chinese and Indians in Malaysia do not see how their counterparts had faired in the UK. THey sacrificed their pride in becoming a real BRITISH! Its so envious to see them speak and act like a british, proud to be one, and hate to be labelled as a Chinese / Indian. They integrate better into the general society. Hence I dont see why they dont deserve to be rewarded with priviledges. I know the first, second and even third generations of the immigrants struggle alot with English and that the British government provide facilities to assist these people, howeever their descendents had improved so much that they put/adopt both English and their mother tongue as jointly their main speaking language! (Gok Wan as a reference, go and youtube for urself and listen to how he speaks!)
But look at the young generations of CHinese and INdian descendents in Malaysia, do they speak Malaysian Language WELL? NOPE (at least some do). Their standard is far from perfect!!! they claimed they went to national school already (the SJKC ones), hence portrays their patriotisme, but from my point of view, its due to the existence of these schools that discourage unity and overt use of their mothertongue worsens the situation! English is not the alternative and adopting it is not the fairest decision for all races, in Malaysia. BM should be first, then BI comes second. (ive mentioned the reasons why we need to treat and respect BM more superiorly than BI). Sincerely, I feel like giving those people who came up to me and speak English to ease communication, a VERY big fat SLAP on their face !!! no way i am going to succumb to that. Thou I speak ENglish well, I want these people to come to me and speak BM as good as I do! I dont mind if its the old, uncles, grandpas etc who struggle to coomunicate BM with me, but its the people of my age who were born in this country and got educated in local schools who speak Malaysian language of kindergarten level who DO NOT DESERVE MY UTMOST RESPECT!!!!! Same goes to those who crown English on their head and kick BM down the aisle (including the pathetic Malays especially those KLites).
U may say am emotional, but have minority ethnics ever given this issue a damn thought??? However I applaude those who speak BM very well and make every effort to be an effective Malaysian. Please do not dismiss this issue and say we dont need to make so much fuss about it, its actually more complex than that!!!

Re: "the thought of brining his wife here to obtain a pr would take 8 years, but as an indon due to them being of the same indo-malay race , a pr for them is easy." based on what capacity u claim this is true?????????? Far from what i balieved this is a way to help a race of the same root. I would rather have more people like Kris around me than Indonesians (as in the PATI people, not professionals, afterall not all Indonesians are bad) who pose higher threat of social delinquencies to the general public. I am speaking based on my capacity as a malaysian! Having said that, would u please ensure Kris make every effort to learn BM and speak like a pure Malaysian do, should she decide to migrate to Malaysia? You are more than welcome to my country Kris. Selamat datang ke MALAYSIA!

Most chinese and indians seem not to favour the Malays because of what UMNO have done to them. But do u think all Malays agree with UMNO??? Hell NO, hence we are seeing politic changes/betterment going on in Malaysia at the moment! May those Malay leaders who use power for their wealth and stupid motives fall in disgrace. Its a high time for them to pencen, and so no more melalut2 macam orang bodoh in parlimen, or cry like a lame girl on tv holding a keris! (sorry for the 'rojak' phrases)

Re: ISA. It should be scrapped off long long long long time ago, coz I dont see any benefit it brings to the general Malaysian public. Its been misused by the govt to politically murder their opponents!
(jahat hokey)

11:35 AM  
Blogger vagus said...

MKH: I respectfully disagree with you.
I do not see how one's grasp of BM should determine how 'priviledged' one should be, or how patriotic one is. Some people speak good BM, some don't; some people like to speak BM, others don't. This in my opinion does not determine what scholarships their sons and daughters get.
And do not be of the opinion that all indians and chinese want segregated schools- I'm all for one educational system- however why stop at sekolah rendah and sekolah menengah- remember that there are numerous MARA type matriculation courses that is the offspring of the NEP.

11:07 PM  
Anonymous MKH said...

BAHASA adalah MARUAH dan SIMBOL sesebuah BANGSA!!!!! BM wujud bukan sebab suka2 sahaja yer. ia lebih drpd itu, ia lambang kewujudan bangsa malaysia. dan sememangnya, ia menjadi pengukur bahawa anda telah melakukan segala usaha untuk mempelajari, dan mempraktikkan BM. ia juga menunjukkan betapa hubungan sosial anda dgn bangsa2 malaysia yg lain yg efektif dan berkesan. DAN PASTINYA ia menjadi penentu sama ada anda layak menerima biasiswa (from what i understand, this is not among the criteria, but i'd def like to see this on the list).

Orang2 seperti Dr Vagus asyik mempersoalkan tentang hak2 istimewa kami, anda tahu kan nenek moyang kami adalah penghuni asal tanah melayu selama beribu2 tahunnya? maka kami persoalkan kewujudan org2 cina dan india yg lahir di malaysia. Di mana letak nya usaha anda untuk menjadikan diri anda seorang bangsa malaysia? anda rasa anda lahir / dibesarkan di malaysia sudah cukup untuk anda berkongsi dengan kami, hak hak istimewa kami???? Jika dari jauh kamu kedengeran pelat dengan telor cina, cakap BM pon terumbang ambing, duduk berkumpul pon dengan bangsa sendiri, kamu rasa kamu sudah cukup Malaysian? bagi saya kamu tidak ada beza pon dengan pendatang2 dr tanah besar china / india yang baru datang menetap dan mendapat kan PR di sini.

dan saya akur dengan hak2 kami yg telah dibela sejak zaman merdeka lagi! dan ia sebenarnya semakin susut lantaran memberi jalan buat integrasi nasional .

TETAPI KAMU ORANG2 CINA DAN INDIA SEDAR TAK BAHAWA KAMU TELAH MENDAPAT HAK YG SANGAT BESAR antaranya DIBENARKAN BERSEKOLAH DI SEKOLAH ALIRAN MASING2??? (eg chanhwa, SJKC, SJKT)DAN DIBENARKAN PULA UNTUK BERBUAL2 DI DALAM BAHASA ANDA DI TEMPAT AWAM???? dan itu yg kami persoalkan sekarang, jika kamu redha untuk melepaskan hak2 sebegini, tidah mustahil orang2 melayu akan melepaskan hak2 mereka yg lain (kuota biassiswa, MARA etc). Terbaru, kerajaan telah menaikkan peratusan kepada 45% jumlah biasiswa JPA yg diagihkan kepada bukan bumiputera !!!, tetapi belum ada petunjuk org2 cina dan india akan rasa bersyukur dan seterusnya melepaskan hak2 mereka, atau memberi jalan buat integrasi nasional. Masih tidak puas lagi ke?

Ingin ditekankan sekali lagi, kewujudan sekolah pelbagai aliran adalah antara punca mengapa perhubungan kaum semakin tegang. Kelainan bahasa semakin menebal, dan digunakan pula sekolah2 ini untuk disampaikan doktrin untuk membenci kerajaan secara khususnya, dan melayu secara amnya. Saya bersekolah di sekolah menengah kebangsaan, tetapi tidak pernah seingat saya cikgu2 saya mengutuk dan melemparkan kata dusta dan benci ke atas org2 bukan bumiputera. Tetapi drpd apa yg saya perolehi drpd 2 rakan baik saya yg berbangsa cina yg bersekolah aliran cina, saya diberitahu akan penularan doktrin anti-melayu dan kerajaan yg menular di sekolah2 jenis kebangsaan / atau swasta Cina. Dirumah juga mereka diasuh dan didik oleh keluarga untuk membenci melayu. Tetapi setelah mereka berkawan rapat dengan kami warga melayu di UK, baru mereka sedar bukan semua melayu yg dimaksudkan itu buruk dan jahat. Afterall tipu mereka, tipu lah saya!

Pembetulan: MARA sudah tidak ada lagi pusat matrikulasi, tapi masih wujud MAKTAB RENDAH SAINS MARA. Telah diwujudkan kuota untuk orang cina dan india untuk memasuki MRSM, tetapi sedih nya tidak ramai yang berminat untuk masuk ke MRSM. Kononnya tak berminat untuk masuk ke sekolah yg majoritinya melayu, dan risau pula untuk tidak berdampingan dengan bangsa sekaum lagi. Salah siapa kalau anda sendiri tidak mengambil peluang setelah diberi peluang??? kamu rasa kami patut tambah lagi kuota dan expect lagi ramai org cina/india yang akan masuk ke MRSM??? you should know the answer for that.

Tugas MARA adalah membela hak2 org melayu yg wujud sejak Malaysia punya perlembagaan lagi!

tetapi kalo org2 cina dan india sedar akan hak2 yg diorang telah terima dan akan mengorbankan hak2 tersebut, tidak mustahil kami org2 melayu akan megorbankan hak2 kami.

Dr Vagus, why do u think we think language is our main issue and u guys think its just a matter of a dust??? get our perspective right and if u insist to not, do not expect young Malay generations like me (who are more tolerant and open-minded) who will lead the country in the future will succumb to your pledges, if u guys still are not being grateful for what uve been given with, and somewhat asking for more, but at the same time not addressing / listening to our concern?

10:47 AM  
Blogger vagus said...

shall have to disagree on this one, then, MKH.
Initially i thought your point of contention was purely language- the lack of use of BM amongst other races. Because if that is the case, why not award scholarships based on SPM BM grades, or use of the language, instead of race. Because I know of many Chinese and Indians who speak a lot of BM, and conversely, a lot of Malays who choose instead to speak only in English.
BUt your last post makes it clearer to me what your underlying issue is.
BUt your reference to your nenek moyang arriving before my nenek moyang is exactly what I was talking about previously, and shows the sentiments of many bumiputras; thinking that one group is more special than another simply because one's ancestor arrived before another. Come on, you and I, as well as our parents and grandparents, were all born on Malaysian soil. To think that the Chinese are still 'immigrants', i'm sorry to say, is backward. this is the era of globalization- emigration and immigration allows for growth of different cultures and better learning. People should be rewarded on how well they perform. Not when their ancestors arrived.
With thinking like that, would a Bangsa Malaysia ever exist? Because, if that is how most think, then we can abolish all SRJK(C) schools and speak only BM, and yet will always be seen as 'those whose nenek moyangs arrived only 200 years ago'.
if you consider yourself a younger generation Malaysian and are more tolerant, then I'm afraid to hear what less-tolerant people may think.
In harping on the priviledges the Chinese and Indians have received, do you not think we pay taxes too (well, not me, technically :) )? And you might not have encountered any overt favoritism, but most of us have.
Before the university exams, the lecturer who sets the exam papers asks for just the Malay students to stay for a 'special' meeting. Some students later confess they were given the questions.
At a state-level meeting of a government organisation, the chair tells my family member who does contracting work: "I don't care if your company does better work for a cheaper price. If you want this contract, sell off your CHinese shares (despite their company being 50/50%). All I care is to help my people- the quality of work and price do not matter."

Many of us grew up with these real-life experiences.
In my opinion, when you protect a group, you make that group incapable of competiting outside of your protection. And directly leads to corruption and poor work quality (especially in the public sector). Which, in my opinion, is why Proton is doing badly. Or why Malaysia is not seen as a a serious competitor in the biomedical and scientific communities, while our rival neighbour Singapore is practically on all maps.

ANd I don't mean to diss BM- for one I agree with you pride of language is important (though we disagree on why BM is not more frequently spoken). However I'm also not afraid to say I much prefer English simply because it is afterall an international language, and IS the scientific language of the world. I have been to dozens of international medical meetings, and hardly ever see works from Malaysia- when I do it's because my colleagues are laughing at the bad english. Just 3 weeks ago I was in a museum in Malaysia, with the huge 'Visit Malaysia, truly Asia, banners all over, and the english was so bad on the exhibits that my in-laws could not understand it. Do you not consider this an embarassment to our country?
Pride in the national language is important- but if you close your eyes and mind to English, then we will only suffer.
For you information, I do not speak much Chinese, and cannot read a word of it (might as well be Greek). And though you may disagree, I do have a sense of patriotism still. I show love for Malaysia by wanting what's best for her future, and in this case, fairness and healthy competition to encourage growth and maturity of her people (ALL her people). I think the NEP does not encourage Malaysia to be a better country. Yes, it makes life easier for some groups, but it's not going to encourage better performance and work ethics.
I feel this is why the US, Canada and Australia, to name a few, are successful- they are countries of immigrants, and they welcome them. Malaysia, in the meantime, is over 50 years from Merdeka, and we still consider some citizens as 'immigrants'.
Dear MKH, i don't expect us to find an agreement to this, but this is how many of us feel (though I'm sure i don't speak for all Chinese or Indians). YOur opinions are appreciated, though I disagree with most of them. Thank you for stopping by.

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Zanny said...

I have found both MKH's and your comments enlightening. It had somewhat enlightened me on both ends of the spectrum of the present generation's understanding of Malaysia's policies. I have seen both the good, and bad of the so-called `effects of NEP'.

As a local university graduate, I have many bumiputra friends whose families were very2 poor, some across backgrounds that me as a city girl have not been accustomed with. They were selected to receive good education from secondary school days so as to ensure them of a place in the university. I was also a convent girl i.e. a missionary school in a town. Of the 47 students in my class, I recall that only 7 were Malays. English was spoken daily, and most of the girls were fairly well off and their parents can afford ballet, piano, + swimming classes on top of extra tuition. In those days - these were expensive extra-curriculars.

The fact is there is segregation of race, directly and indirectly in schools due to the fact that the Chinese preferring to live in the cities, and most Malays still live in the rural areas. It still holds true today. As such, unity is dfficult - something which u can evidently see at the local university level, as those from the english speaking missionary schools + sek jenis keb cina + chinese independent schools + agama + MARA schools + tamil schools try to intermingle. I say - start from the very beginning !

The NEP was designed to help the rural Malays. Unfortunately, those who tried to gain from it, i.e. the group of Malays in the cities may have tried too hard to preserve their rights at the expense of hurting other people's feelings. What we need is a balanced policy. We need a good person with a far vision be appointed to come up with one vision - something which would now appease the so called minority Malaysians as well as the majority. We can't be like the US - as somebody once mentioned, the US is a melting pot where all cultures blended togather, ours is a rojak pot - each race holds proud to their customs and each race does not want to be left out, somethicng which we cannot and should not erase ! We don't have bank holidays like other countries, - we have Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Vesak and Hari Raya. Racism is rife in other parts of the world too, the EU for example has lots of very funny policies.

It's this challenge that's tough for our fairly young country, but I fervently believe that we'll come up with one that's better than what we have at present.

To Vagus - all the best in the US.

6:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a funny remark by MKH regarding nenek moyang beribu tahun lamanya. I agree the Malays arrived in Malaysia earlier than the Chinese and Indians, but please remember we are all in fact immigrants. Bugis, Indon, Siam, wherever those came from eh? The true natives of orang asli had been sidelined and oppressed in Malaysia, that's even more shameful.

Then again, I remember this was brought up by some politician and was threatened to exile. So, I'd better keep my identity secret.

I do agree that Malaysians should learn more about BM, but enforcing by making other languages illegal is a laughing stock. Where's the human rights?

MKH mentioned that language is the pride and honor for the Malays. Then why should Chinese and Tamil language be abolished? Isn't that rather selfish? To me, I agree that language is more of a means of communication and should remain so, and it is up to the people to take up the language that they desire. I'm not referring to any particular race here, coz I know there's also Chinese I knew who would take language seriously as the pride of honor of the miniscule brain they could ever possess. Being me, I'm just educated in a National School from primary to secondary, and now currently studying in a local university.

Tambahan lagi, saya amat tidak bersetuju dengan pandangan saudara MKH mengenai penguasaan BM yang lemah di kalangan masyarakat Cina dan India disebabkan oleh sikap tidak peduli mereka. Sebagai seorang warga bandar berbangsa Cina yang memasuki Universiti tempatan, saya dapati hal ini berpunca dari kekurangan pendedahan Bahasa Melayu terutamanya penduduk di kawasan luar bandar. Masalah ini kurang ketara di komuniti bandar kerana pergaulan masyarakat di bandar tanpa mengira kaum.

Masalah hanya muncul sekiranya kita menganggapkannya sebagai masalah. Bagi saya, hak istimewa itu bukanlah sesuatu yang diingini pun, justeru saya bersikap neutral terhadap perjuangan hak sama rata antara bangsa Malaysia. Hak bangsa Malaysia tidak akan tergugat langsung kiranya ahli-ahli politik kita bertindak cekap dan saksama dalam melaksanakan projek kerajaan dan kegiatan rasuah yang kian berleluasa dapat diatasi.

10:18 AM  
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