Wednesday, June 25, 2008

2 More Days

It's hard to believe. 2 more days in this institution, and then I'm officially 'terminated'. That's how the memo phrased it. Basically, I'll no longer be a part of this magnificent institution, and will have been given wings to fly on my own.
The last week has been of goodbyes to patients, staff. Or signing my clinical notes and ensuring follow up has been arranged for my patients.
I saw Mrs. R again today. She had presented with a thyroid nodule, the biopsy of which was suspicious for follicular neoplasm. The FNA is not able to differentiate between follicular adenoma or carcinoma, one of the limitations of the test. Hence, we tend to send these patients to surgery because of the significant chance of cancer.
I wasn't expecting to see her again so soon, as she was originally scheduled to return in 2 weeks. She told me she wanted to see someone familiar, and wanted to say goodbye to me.
Sheepishly, she added as well that she heard that July is not a good month to undergo any procedures. Wise thinking.
Though I hate to admit it, having been on the other side of the fence and having been an intern myself, July is when hordes of new interns, fresh out of medical school, begin their residency. The new academic year begins. So, if you happen to be treated by a trainee in July, there's a chance he or she may be very inexperienced.
It's a necessary evil, for we all have to learn, and we have to start somewhere. I recall my first lumbar puncture; the patient on the table half-joked, "How on earth do you find suckers to be the first patient the resident ever does this procedure on?"
He turned a couple of shades paler when I confessed that he was my first.
Anyways. Mrs. R undergoes surgery tomorrow; chances are on her side that this will be a benign follicular adenoma.
Come Friday, I will formally hand over my nametag, ID and access card, pager and parking tag. By the time Saturday comes around, Dr. Vagus will no longer be found on the employee online directory.
I have so many memories of this place, good and bad. I shall leave with a heavy heart, a lot of gratitude, but hopefully enough knowledge and skill to offer to my patients in my new practice.


Blogger Martin said...

TK- congrats to you on this major accomplishment, as well as your marriage! Now the real work begins- as a staff physician (nobody looking over your shoulder) and as a husband (the missus ALWAYS looking over your shoulder!).

We're keeping the light on for you here in Iowa. Give us a call soon so we can plan a BBQ for the two of you (and little Butterball, which is the name I recommend for your new pup).

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Jimbo said...

Congrats congrats congrats Bud!!! :)
So sorry I can't make it for your wedding dinner (of the 5 invites I received, yours the one I want to attend). On that day, I will still be in KK (post Mount KK climb). Have a wonderful time! Catch you and Mrs Vagus another time ya! :)

8:49 AM  

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