Friday, June 06, 2008

20 hours to go.
We're all in Milwaukee, WI. And it's fun to see how, despite the noise and hordes of people (more to come) converging here, our families and friends get along so well.
The weather forecast doesn't look promising right now, so if you believe in a higher power, pray for nice weather tomorrow!
The next blog update from me will be after my shackles, ball and chains have been put on! So, stay tuned for pictures!
In the meantime, I'll end with this joke:
A newlywed couple had just arrived in their honeymoon suite. After unpacking, the husband took off his pants. "Put these on," he said to his wife. She did and they were obviously much too large. "There's no way I can wear these - they're way too big," she said. "Good! Now you know who wears the pants in this family," replied the husband.
Flustered, the wife removed her panties, and handing them to her husband said, "Put these on." The husband looked at the tiny panties and said, "There's no way I can get into these." To which the wife replied, "You're darn right! At least not until you change your attitude!"


Blogger aidareza said...

Congratulations in advance. Hey, shackles, balls and chains ain't so bad lah. Here's to a new phase in your life, Doctor.

9:05 AM  

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