Sunday, January 13, 2008

Holiday Party

We had our belated department 'Christmas Holiday Party' over the weekend. Except Christmas has long been over. But still, it was fun to mingle in a totally different manner. The consultants were less stiff. The clinical assistants and secretaries were less formal with us. We got a pretty good band this year. Amazingly they were only in their late teens-early twenties. Did a great job with improvisations, pulling some of us up onstage for dialogues.
With my lab research mentor and her husband.

And no, I wasn't telling jokes onstage. Though the organizers made me do unspeakable things. Like demonstrate to the band how one uses the orchidometer to measure testicular volume (after all, we're all endocrinologists here!). No live patient though. And no, that bulge in my pants was not, erm, me. That's what you get when you carry the device in your pant pocket.

Like I said, t'was a fun night, though sad to think that this would be my last department Christmas party here. Sometime during a lull, Dr. H, who has been one of my strongest supporters here (he wrote me the nicest letter of recommendation I'd ever received for my job application) came up to me, gave me a hug and said he was going to miss me. And some of my clinical assistants said they same.


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