Friday, January 25, 2008

My hero

It's all about perspective.
I'm pretty content with life in general. I'm wrapping up 6 years of training at one of the premier institutions here. I have a job secured after graduation that pays a very comfortable 6-figure salary. I get to write presciptions. I've had the unforgettable unexperience of coding patients, and even bringing some back to life. I get to play the newest ultrasonography machines that cost more than my car, and stick needles into patients' necks, and get paid for it. I've published. I'm house and car-shopping. I'll be marrying my dreamgirl in 132 days. Life is pretty good.
And then I read Kenny Sia's
blog about becoming a judge for a Malaysian model search reality show. Suddenly I'm green with envy. The last time I was asked to judge something was for a high-school skit of guys in drag.

With witty humor, skills in photo-editing, and presumably some special coconuts, this guy is truly a celebrity blogger. Perhaps weird coming from a 31-year old internist/endocrinologist, but this guy is my hero.
Okay, maybe I'm being facetious. Well, kinda.


Blogger CHARIS said...

Sigh, same here. Unless you can get 1 mil hits on your blog per day, better stick around the hospital, boy.

8:19 PM  
Blogger kennysia said...


WAH! I am so honoured!

6:32 AM  

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