Thursday, August 22, 2002


I guess my participation in blogging probably stems from my need to share. The anonymity of the site appeals to my personal and professional needs.
I am in my late 20's, a medical resident fortunate enough to be training in one of the premier medical centers in the midwestern USA. Currently, I am in a 3-year internal medicine program, and expect to subspecialize when this has been completed.
Although I did medical school in Canada and is somewhat used to the north American culture, I feel like a fish out of water being here. At times, I miss my family, my culture, food. But at times, it's just a matter of missing people who know who you are, people who truly understand you. Also, this is the phase in life when roles reverse. I feel the need to look after my parents, to be there with my family when time is limited. My dad is a cancer survivor, having had surgery for colon cancer. That makes my siblings and I prime candidates for colon cancer as well.
We were informed of my dad's cancer just minutes after I had completed my medical school interviews. To this day I remember vividly those difficult moments. I'd like to think that that makes me a better doctor now.
I see my family perhaps once a year. Coming here, I had to leave a lot behind. Aging parents. Even a young lady whom I thought was my soulmate. I had to sacrifice a lot.
I suppose my thoughts and feelings here would reflect that; my eternal conflict deep inside (I would never show any doubt to my patients here) between wanting to progress in my career, and wanting to just go home and live life.


Blogger cissy~~~BLooSom plz!!! said...

it was a big sacrifice...
leaving so many things behind
it must take a lot of courage to do that...
i am also considering to leave my family behing in kl to work as housemans in sabah two years time(which provide me lotz of learning opportunities)..
i am not sure what will happen... more afraid of lonliness...
but hey, life is exciting bcoz of it is unpredictable...

10:22 AM  
Anonymous Tania said...

When we are young...our parent will bring us along wherever they are. I remember that my dad job require him to relocate often and no matter how tough (we are poor), he will bring all of us along. But then now...when they are old...we leave them behind for our future, for our better life. Do u think it is fair?They have raise us,give us the best and now we just leave them....i am in the dilemma in making the decision.

11:27 AM  

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